Portrait and Landsgrape

by Alexander The Grape

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This is a demo we recorded in Lime's garage on January 14th, 2012 because we went much too long without having anything to show for it. These are definitely rough cuts, but it's better than nothing.

We recorded these whilst on the popular internet website Chat Roulette. We highly recommend it.

Click on each song to read more about it and for the lyrics and chords! Learn them and then sing along with us at shows!

To contact us about shows, ice cream, or text-based fishing games email us at AlexanderTheGrapeMakesMusic@gmail.com


released January 14, 2011

Ukulele & Vocals - Sir Isaac Lime
Drums & Awesome - Strawberry Short Kook
Guitar & Banjo & Harmonica & Vocals - Rip Van Lemon




Alexander The Grape Los Angeles, California

"Kind of rough but give it a chance" - Reddit user Flat_Rootbeer

Hey homies! We are a goof punk/folk punk band from Los Angeles! We just want to play shows, eat pizza, and change the world! Check our facebook page for the most recent updates on music and shows! Up the Punz!! ... more

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Track Name: Crying
Verse: Am F C Em
Bridge: Am C G, Am G F

I know I'm clean, but you see
this drug called sleep has such a hold on me
Every night I pass out and I'm in a fantasy
Everything is rad and no dogs have fleas

And she like me it's bliss
We lean in for that long-awaited kiss
My alarm clock rings, I wake up and I'm pissed
'Cause Everynight shit like this happens to me
Five minutes later and I can't recall a thing
All I can see
are images of unicorns and pizza that is free
But it's all so blurry.
So I guess I'll have to try again tonight

I'm addicted to sleep
To get my fix, I count sheep
Pull the covers over my head
I hope I never get out of bed
Track Name: Leif Clericson
Verse: D C F G
Chorus: A C D C

You think I'm not as rad
just because I can't hurt you as bad
with my weapons
But you had better watch out
cause I can use spells like true resurrection
to summon a dragon
in a cave to kill you

I am a cleric and I'll heal the whole party
but sometimes I'll kill you on a quest and surprise everybody

All my weapons are blunt
I'll still use them to kill you but
I also have spells to heal you up real nice
that way I can kill you twice

I am a cleric and I'll heal the whole party
but sometimes I'll kill you on a quest and surprise everybody
I can summon monsters and I can cast plagues and at level seven I learn
true resurrection
Track Name: Personal Space Invader by Andrew Jackson Jihad by Alexander The Grape
C F Am Em

I gave birth to twin wire hang overs
and now I am a personal space invader.
I've got essays, I've got finals due.
I have got lots and lots of problems.
Look out!

And how can you put that straw up your nose, when you know how coke is manufactured?
It's made by children for the immature.
It is made by babies who've been captured.
It's a sin against your fellow man.

And welcome to this world, have as much fun as you would like while helping others have as much fun as you're having.
Be kind to those you love, and be kind to those you don't, but for Gods sake you gotta be kind,
and respectful because we're all one soul.
Be the best fucking human that you can be!